Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Fighting To Live.

We all act like someone owe us respect.  We walk around doing nothing wear sagged jeans tight skimpy clothing and expect someone to really actually respect us. You have to earn respect. Do something. Don't be a waste of life waiting for something to come your way because the matter of the truth is... nothing works like that. You have to work for it. Nothing is owed its earned. That's why so many people die these days young men believing that a wrong look gives them the obligation to take that persons life or just simply fight them. You're going to be looked at wrong your whole life. What? Your gonna fight every last one? You may not live very long then. Ladies if you appear as a slut, you may just be approached as one. C'mon and if someone call u a name GET THE FUCK OVER IT. Your above that , And if not act like it. You might just get tired of pretending and actually become mature. I don't know. It's just a thought because someone I cared about had his life taken away over something incredibly stupid. Someone I've known for numerous years. :( Please people stop acting stupid out in the world and get your shit together.

R.I.P Corteza Livingston

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