Friday, January 21, 2011

Okay so I love Rihanna but what was she thinking. It's too much. You Can't See Her Face.The color over powers it but that's not where she went wrong. She went wrong when she got that much weave put on her head. Okay so maybe if she didn't put so  much in her face it would be fine but that looks like a mop. It was for her album debut some song called S&M.  She Should have left that look there. She's famous for her different hairstyles but OMG I wish she would calm the hell down. I love natural hair. but that's just not natural. She looks like some sort of monster in a child's nightmare or something.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

I so much rather crawl back in my bed but I'm having side pains that I cannot bare so im going to the hospital. Ill back hopefully soon with the issue fixed.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Natural Hair Epidemic 

So I been having thoughts about this bandwagon type shit. How somehow every female I see is rocking a fro or claim they they are natural. Its An epidemic.Some of those females has never seen their natural hair or remember it. Yet everyone is Afrocentric all of a sudden.Please be you if its what interest you and you're really passionate about it okay but if you look at all these trendsetters and decide "hey imma chop all my hair off..." Then Im gonna hope you find yourself lol. 

Just like that Dreadlock epidemic with weezy now everyone wanna be a natural. Some were always natural but Im not saying this to you Its to the people who are followers instead of being yourself. And if That is you then #ohwell. Do It because you decided to and not because you see its in. Read up on it because its much more of a hassle than you think. Everyone hair is different so if your doing it for all the wrong reasons you just might end up regreting it.... Just Saying . 

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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Today I woke up extra tired and sleepy. I also had the most creepiest dream ever. I was someone important and someone tried to kidnapped me and wouldn't let me go. They didn't do anything to me they just seem to not want me to leave. Like they were lonely or something. I tried to play it out as very content but in the meanwhile I'm still plotting on my escape. Lol. I got out like three times , but the last time I ran he sent someone to kill me. Kinda like a runaway slave lol. While I was running i remember a poster saying something about down south. And when i got there people were hurting me. Like stepping on me and ect. for something wrong I've done. I just didn't know what it was that I did. Well whatever it was still a nice dream lol. I enjoyed escaping those dumb people like three times and they never caught me. Lol.

I started my scarab sketch it looks nice but i want to add detailing to it. It's going to take hours to finish that picture. I always start a project and when a new one pop in my head . My thoughts goes ( O.O ) gotta do that Now! lol. 
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Myself :) Like A Summer Ago

Friday, January 14, 2011

What Should I do.

I'm getting sick of these yarn braids trying to stick it out. The truth is they need a good wash but im scared. lls. I don't want to go through wrestling these braids to get them dry because they get heavy while wet. I have build up from the oils (yuck) and I want it gone. besides i miss my little bit of hair on my head. 

Thinking about getting an afro wig they are sooo pretty :D  for the times where i cant take living with braids. Its sad because they've been in for only a little over a week and already i want them gone. it too over 10 hours and it only cost $3 for the do. But... ITS DRIVING ME NUTS its sooo pretty but I miss my hair lol. I Guess I can stick it out for another week but my hair is dirty so i guess imma have to wash it and just deal with the wrestling.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Sleepy And Tired. Off To Bed.

OMG. So I went to bed last night early :/ and then when i woke up Dreamgirls was on. I realized hey! It's still dark outside so I was wondering was it still that night. Nope people it was not the same night. I woke up at four o'clock in the freakin morning. My sister and I both could not sleep. Knowing that my mother was going to just get up in a hour and wake us up anyway. We mind as well not even go to sleep. :D

So what did we do? We stayed up of course and reminisced  a little. Soon after we got sick of it Lol , and dozed off. I didn't sleep good at all. I woke up from my side pains I've been having for the past three or four days. I wish they would just cease. Whatever I guess. So I woke up and got my clean laundry and folded it and gotten in to the shower. Feeling squeaky clean lol. Now I'm sitting here brainstorming. And shortly after I'm pretty sure I will just pick up a book read then doze off.

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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Fighting To Live.

We all act like someone owe us respect.  We walk around doing nothing wear sagged jeans tight skimpy clothing and expect someone to really actually respect us. You have to earn respect. Do something. Don't be a waste of life waiting for something to come your way because the matter of the truth is... nothing works like that. You have to work for it. Nothing is owed its earned. That's why so many people die these days young men believing that a wrong look gives them the obligation to take that persons life or just simply fight them. You're going to be looked at wrong your whole life. What? Your gonna fight every last one? You may not live very long then. Ladies if you appear as a slut, you may just be approached as one. C'mon and if someone call u a name GET THE FUCK OVER IT. Your above that , And if not act like it. You might just get tired of pretending and actually become mature. I don't know. It's just a thought because someone I cared about had his life taken away over something incredibly stupid. Someone I've known for numerous years. :( Please people stop acting stupid out in the world and get your shit together.

R.I.P Corteza Livingston

Monday, January 10, 2011

Turban Love.

I really love hair turbans and head wraps. I cant wait to go and get my fabric so I can rock them. while transitioning. They are nice and make a good statement piece. Beautiful.

Finding My Way Back Home.

I never knew that living in this world would be made that hard. It really isn't though. They make it look as if the chances of us looking different will render us from getting places in life. I don't like that feeling and I'm standing against it. I wish that my mother did. I wish she taught her kids. Never Alter Yourself For Anyone. The way you were born is the way you are and should always be. You made this way for a reason. Thats why i cut my hair twice. I gave into society twice as well, and now I'm transitioning.  I have two inches or a little more of hair on my head now and i plan on having a full head of natural hair by the end of this year. So that way i can send out that message to others that I believe in so much. I'm Me You Either Take it or Hate it I Don't Care. Because You Don't Make Or Break Me.