Monday, January 10, 2011

Finding My Way Back Home.

I never knew that living in this world would be made that hard. It really isn't though. They make it look as if the chances of us looking different will render us from getting places in life. I don't like that feeling and I'm standing against it. I wish that my mother did. I wish she taught her kids. Never Alter Yourself For Anyone. The way you were born is the way you are and should always be. You made this way for a reason. Thats why i cut my hair twice. I gave into society twice as well, and now I'm transitioning.  I have two inches or a little more of hair on my head now and i plan on having a full head of natural hair by the end of this year. So that way i can send out that message to others that I believe in so much. I'm Me You Either Take it or Hate it I Don't Care. Because You Don't Make Or Break Me.

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