Monday, January 17, 2011

Natural Hair Epidemic 

So I been having thoughts about this bandwagon type shit. How somehow every female I see is rocking a fro or claim they they are natural. Its An epidemic.Some of those females has never seen their natural hair or remember it. Yet everyone is Afrocentric all of a sudden.Please be you if its what interest you and you're really passionate about it okay but if you look at all these trendsetters and decide "hey imma chop all my hair off..." Then Im gonna hope you find yourself lol. 

Just like that Dreadlock epidemic with weezy now everyone wanna be a natural. Some were always natural but Im not saying this to you Its to the people who are followers instead of being yourself. And if That is you then #ohwell. Do It because you decided to and not because you see its in. Read up on it because its much more of a hassle than you think. Everyone hair is different so if your doing it for all the wrong reasons you just might end up regreting it.... Just Saying . 

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