Sunday, January 16, 2011

Today I woke up extra tired and sleepy. I also had the most creepiest dream ever. I was someone important and someone tried to kidnapped me and wouldn't let me go. They didn't do anything to me they just seem to not want me to leave. Like they were lonely or something. I tried to play it out as very content but in the meanwhile I'm still plotting on my escape. Lol. I got out like three times , but the last time I ran he sent someone to kill me. Kinda like a runaway slave lol. While I was running i remember a poster saying something about down south. And when i got there people were hurting me. Like stepping on me and ect. for something wrong I've done. I just didn't know what it was that I did. Well whatever it was still a nice dream lol. I enjoyed escaping those dumb people like three times and they never caught me. Lol.

I started my scarab sketch it looks nice but i want to add detailing to it. It's going to take hours to finish that picture. I always start a project and when a new one pop in my head . My thoughts goes ( O.O ) gotta do that Now! lol. 

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