Friday, January 14, 2011

What Should I do.

I'm getting sick of these yarn braids trying to stick it out. The truth is they need a good wash but im scared. lls. I don't want to go through wrestling these braids to get them dry because they get heavy while wet. I have build up from the oils (yuck) and I want it gone. besides i miss my little bit of hair on my head. 

Thinking about getting an afro wig they are sooo pretty :D  for the times where i cant take living with braids. Its sad because they've been in for only a little over a week and already i want them gone. it too over 10 hours and it only cost $3 for the do. But... ITS DRIVING ME NUTS its sooo pretty but I miss my hair lol. I Guess I can stick it out for another week but my hair is dirty so i guess imma have to wash it and just deal with the wrestling.

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