Friday, February 4, 2011

I've been M.I.A for a while because i haven't been doing much. Im tired. Lastnight my mother decided to take her children to the mall and i didnt get anything beside two pair of earrings because the whole time we were running around for them. I hated it. I dont think I will ever go to the mall with all of them again because she focused the day around them. It wasnt fun at all for me . It made me feel like a looney because every second i was getting pissed or saying I want to go home. Which that whole time there did make me look like a brat but it wasnt fair. she spent so much money on them and i couldnt pick out anything because they took too long. I mean I guess. Imma ask can I go where I want to go today and if she says no my head will spin in a full 360.

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